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Product As Pictured !!

The bracelet arrived on time, packaged securely. The weight is substantial, and the band can stretch to accommodate a variety of sizes. The stones are as pictured, including a smooth surface and sheen. The colors are rich and attractive, and gender-neutral. I would buy again.


Amazing looking bracelet

The colors of the beads bracelet are what caught my attention in this piece. Looks great on my wrist! the quality is top-notch. I’ve owned it for a few months and the elastic still feels new.
I highly recommend Crystal Vibe bead bracelets


Love the quality of bracelets

The bracelets are really beautiful. I have received many compliments ever since I started wearing crystal vibe bead bracelets. All the stones are real and very high quality. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for premium-quality crystal bracelets. I plan to buy more as gifts for family and friends.

McKenzie Rhae

Lovely necklace !!

The piece of crystal is of good size and I like the uncut, natural look. Makes each necklace unique! The necklace comes in a nice slide box so makes it easy if you wanted to buy one as a gift for somebody else. The chain is thin but seems to be nice and sturdy. There are multiple clasp holes along the chain so you can make the necklace shorter or longer which is nice :)


Candles Smell Amazing!

These candles are so cute. Right away the first thing that I noticed was that the crystals were arranged in a half circle that looked like a smiley face. It instantly made me smile and put me in a good mood. They smell amazing and the smell does not fade away. These candles are of great quality and I will definitely be ordering them again.

McKenzie Rhae

Fantastic Scent !

I love the lavender scent of the healing crystal candle. It's very calming and has a great aroma without being too overpowering.

I really like the little rose quartz pieces that come in the candle too. Lovely pale pink color and a good size if want to reuse them to make earrings or keep them in a pouch. They easily pop out of the wax if you don't want to burn the candle with them in it.